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                  Plate Shears Series
                  Bending Machine Series
                  Rolling Machine Series
                  Press Series
                  Combination of Punching and Shearing Machine
                  Hydraulic Machine Series
                  Angle Shear Machine Series
                  Uncoiling Leveling and Shearing Production Line Series
                  Hydraulic Pipe-bending Machine Series
                  Shearing Machine Series
                  Section-bending Machine Series
                  Air Duct Production Line Series
                  CNC Sheet Metal Grooving Machine Series
                  Hydraulic Wrapping Machine Series
                  Metal Processing Equipment (car, milling, planer, grinding)
                  Cold Frame Bending Machine Series
                  Plate Shear Blades Series
                  Bending Machine Tool Series

                Company: Anhui Yinli CNC Machine Tool Trading Co., Ltd
                Address: Dangtu Economic Development Zone, Ma'anshan, Anhui Province
                Postal Code: 243100
                Contact Person: Mr. Chen Daoyin 13705555767
                Ms. Xia 13955548457
                TEL:0555-6721249 ,6797579
                Anhui Yinli CNC Machine Tool Trading Co., Ltd is a high-tech private enterprise which integrates the technological development, production-manufacturing and sales services of electromechanical products. Products directly sold by our company to Anhui Sanli Machine Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. are: bending machine, plate sheers, rolling machine, multi-functional quick press, combination of punching and shearing machine, multi-functional angleshear machine, section-bending machine, numerical control press, uncoiling leveling and shearing production line, metal processing equipment, complete set of equipment, forging equipment, various brand-name machine tools and parts, accessories, tools and dies of various specifications, etc. We are professional supplier of sheet metal and section processing machines and parts for industries such as
                automotive, ship, railway, aviation, metallurgy, power, petrochemical, light industry, mining, decoration and construction. We have full-time after-sales service team and impeccable sales services network. Our tenet is "Integrity,Dedication, Professionalism, Service", aiming to provide timely and attentive before, during and after sales to our customers. With the advantage of specialization in electromechanical products and the operation principle of "reliable quality, reasonable price, sincere service, credit-orientation", we shall make continuous innovation and breakthroughs, further improve core competitiveness, give full play to the advantage of integration of scientific research, manufacture and trade, to grow stronger and larger, and to make our operating system in line with market economy, so as to continuously create new cooperation opportunities against fierce market competition. We have been approved by the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and strictly abides by the standards. We constantly optimize our inner management departments, in the pursuit of top technology and star-level services, to create new values for machine tools and to bring infinite possibilities for customers. Any new or old customer is welcome to visit us!

                QC12Y/K Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears
                QC11Y/K Hydraulic Cartridge Plate Shears
                WF67K Hydraulic CNC Bending Machine
                WF67Y Hydraulic Digital Bending Machine
                Q35Y Hydraulic Combination of Punching and Shearing Machine
                W11S Upper Roll Universal Three-Roll Bending Machine
                Pipe-bending Machine Series
                QCWL Cold Frame Bending Machine
                Y27Y Hydraulic Quick Press
                YQ32Y/K Four-column Hydraulic Press
                Uncoiling Leveling and Shearing Production Line
                Metal Processing Equipment(car, milling, planer, grinding)
                Hydraulic Wrapping Machine
                Hydraulic Alligator Shearing Machine
                Hydraulic Section-bending Machine
                Numerically-controlled Sheet Metal Grooving Machine
                All rights reserved:Anhui Yinli Numerically-controlled Machine Tool Trading Co., Ltd (all rights reserved, no transport allowed) Copyright 2015-2018 Anhui ICP Record No. 17001465-1
                Yinli Company-specialize in sales of plate shears, bending machine, rolling machine, press, leveling production line, air duct production, section bending, wrapping machine and metal processing equipment, etc.